Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Graze - Box #1

There's a new snack subscription box called graze.  It is a service that sends you four snack-sized servings of healthy snacks that are "nature delivered" on a weekly basis.  Graze costs $5 a box, but I was able to sign up with a promotion where I got my first and fifth boxes for free (essentially $15 for 5 boxes).

What is great about this service is that you can go on their website and note any allergies, likes and dislikes prior to receiving your first box.  Gluten free, nut free, no problem!  Currently, you can choose between a nibble box and a light box (lower calorie).  I chose the nibble box.

Nice box!

I was very excited to receive and try my first box!  Even better when I opened it  . . . .

How cute is this?

The box is beautifully done!  Even better, it comes with a card with nutrition facts and expiration dates.  They include a napkin (for people who get it sent to work).  Everything is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

My snacks:

Loved this!  Very moist granola bar.

A nice salty, sweet snack
A savory selection of snacks and nuts

A dried fruit medley
(Sorry for the sideways pic)
All-in-all a very cool idea!  I tried all of the snacks before posting and truly enjoyed them all.  They vary in calories from 127 - 240 per serving.  Everything was very fresh and provided a nice variety of options.

Now, you are suppose to receive a box weekly, but there has been a slight delay receiving my second box.  Graze sent an email outlining the delay and apologizing.  This was very nice from a customer service standpoint.

Interested in trying Graze?  Check them out at  You need an invitation code (here's mine):  Z1HRVQZD.  You get your first box for free by using this (I get $1 off my next box)!

After trying your snacks you then go back to their website to "rate" the items you got.  Hated something?  You don't have to ever get it again.  By the same token, you can specify those items you really liked and find others that are similar.



  1. I have someone else's invite up right now... may i post yours next? i'm all out - referred 8 people - they cut me off! shoot me an email or plop a comment on my blog to let me know.


    1. My four invites were all used up. I will post an updated invite code if I get another!