Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Friday, March 1, 2013

Deep Breath

It's amazing how quickly life gets away from me sometimes.  I blink and suddenly I am behind ten loads of laundry and have no food in the house.  How does that happen when I don't feel as if I ever stop moving?

The mental challenges of parenting older (adult?!) children have been interesting lately.  Eighteen is definitely not an adult, except in the legal system, and particularly when still being full supported.  Just a number, right?  Combined with the knowledge that there are the watchful eyes of four younger siblings, we have had a time navigating this new territory.  Lines of communication, trust and lots of prayers are being worked on.  More on this later?!

Also, the funny dichotomy of teenagers pulling away and not allowing you to be involved, but then angry when you don't have the answers abound here.  I love this (not).  Don't talk to anyone, but why weren't you sitting near the other parents?  Come to the game, but you're not allowed to cheer.  I need a ride, but don't get out of the car to find me even when I don't answer my phone.  My only consolation is the fact that I navigated this once and that child allows me to talk to his friends now.  Sometimes!

It makes me long for those physically exhausting days of making sure that they didn't run into the street, drown in the bathtub, fall down the stairs, or choke on the perfectly cut-up grapes.  Instead of falling into bed in an exhausted stupor, I'm awake all night with my stomach in knots over "issues".

All good problems to have though!

I have some great boxes I received this month to review, yet.  Some wonderful books I read last month that I have to suggest.  I am also considering to start posting some of my favorite things.  If Oprah can . . .   Oh, and we have birthday hell week this month too!  Fun, fun, fun!!

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