Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's for Dinner - Week 12/27/10

I've mentioned in my previous posts that I like to menu plan. I have just the thing to make it easy!  It is a planning pad that I found at a local stationery store. . .

It is the perfect thing for me to plan out my dinners.  I have space to include the main entree and sides.  I can put anything that I need on my grocery list as I plan out my meals.  It is perforated, both at the top and in the middle, allowing me to post the menu in the kitchen and put the grocery list in my purse.  Perfect!  You can find out where to get them at (no, I do not work for them!). 

I started posting my menus in the kitchen to avoid some of the "what's for dinner?" questions that inevitably start at around 5pm.  This way the children know what's for dinner tonight, can see what's for dinner tomorrow, and hopefully can steel themselves for whatever experiment I have planned.  It only partially works in that regard, and sometimes can backfire, when it is something they don't think they will like!  I'm still trying though.  So that you know what we are having and can comment along with the rest of the peanut gallery . . .

Monday:  Rotini with Bacon and Goat Cheese, Spinach Salad
                 Pasta is usually a big hit around here.  Anything with bacon in it is sure to please!

Tuesday:  Manhattan Clam Chowder
                 Leftovers from last week; it made a ton!  The children will get a bone thrown to them with some chicken nuggets.

Wednesday:  Erin's Baked Ziti
                 My friend Erin has a great baked ziti recipe that she made for us at her lake house this summer.  It travels well and will go with us on our ski trip.

Thursday:  Banu's Beef Carnitas
                 My friend Banu will be making beef carnitas in the crockpot for the skiers that night.

Friday:  Pasta with Meat Sauce
                  Lots of pasta for the skiers this week!

Saturday:  Cincinnati Chili
                 I will make this at home and bring it along.  It just gets better with time.  More pasta!

Sunday:  Out to dinner with some Eversave certificates on the way home


I am participating in Menu Plan Monday over at!



  1. What a fabulous pad you found! I love it when stores make things to make our planning lives easier.