Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barbie Cakes

Beautiful Barbie

Many, many years ago (years before five boys) I attended a Pampered Chef party.   The much touted piece for sale was the large glass mixing bowl, that could ultimately double as the mold for the iconic Barbie cake.

I had to have it.  Visions of little girl birthday parties with everyone ohhing and ahhing over the cake danced in my head.

So, I got it.

Now, of course, the bowl has a myriad of other purposes.  I use it to mix up the large batches of pancake batter for the Sunday pancake breakfasts that five boys consume.  It fits nicely the 18 eggs that are required for scrambled eggs.  I use the bowl a lot.  It has never seen the inside of the oven though.  Not many requests for a Barbie cake around here!

Granted, nine times out of ten the boys want an ice-cream cake for their birthday.  On the rare occasion they want a baked cake, it is usually only a vehicle for the amount of sprinkles and other toppings they can put on it.  We have had the typical boy bakery cakes;  SpongeBob, baseball, football, soccer and dinosaur themed cakes.  We even had a cake in the shape of a hamburger!  But cakes are not a big hit around here.  Thankfully they haven't found a French onion dip and potato chip cake, because that would be the bomb in their eyes!

So I swooned the other day when I attended a gathering for a friend's birthday, and there was The Barbie Cake!  Oh so pretty and oh so good!  And angels sang . . .

Seriously though, I have a good many friends who have single gendered households similar to mine.  We made a pact to make Barbie cakes for each other.  

Maybe, someday, my Pampered Chef bowl will be put to it's intended use!

Various cakes throughout the years:

I'm not sure I could convince any of the boys that Ken would look good in a dress!  A hill, maybe?!  We'll see!!

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