Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Friday, January 25, 2013

January PopSugar Review

It's here!


My January PopSugar box arrived yesterday and it took loads of willpower to not rip it open until today!  It took my friends even more willpower to not talk about it in my presence!!  Thank you!!

PopSugar Must Have started last summer.  I joined a couple of months in.  I believe my first box was September 2012.  It is a subscription box service for $35 a month.  It is the priciest of the boxes I get, but always well worth it, and always a good value.  I have definitely had some favorite months and products, but who doesn't?  What appeals to me might not to you.

First looks
The box always comes fully packed.  Awww . . . .

Everything inside
A wonderful booklet is always included which describes the product, why it was chosen and links.  The products are broken up into categories:

Stability ball
Must Have Fitness:  Merrithew Stability Ball - funny enough, I just got rid of an old fitness ball, so a new one was in order.  The box contains a card with several exercises, a pump and a discount code for a  pilates dvd.

Watch and lip balm
Must Have Fashion:  The Remix Timebomb - This is a pretty funky watch.  I don't have a white watch so I'm glad I got this color (I think people also got pink and blue ones)!  There is a LED light that provides quite the light show.  I believe you can also buy other bands and switch them out by popping out the watch face.

Must Have Beauty:  Epicurean Discovery Lip Balm - I was most excited about this item as I have a small obsession with lip balms/glosses.  Then I saw that it was tea tree oil based.  I'm sorry, but tea tree oil makes me think of head lice, as it is a natural repellent for those pesky bugs.  Unfortunately, head lice were popular during preschool years and we used this on the boys regularly to ward them off (it works!).  Therefore, not a good association for me!  Nevertheless, I tried it, and mine really smells bad.  Not sure if my balm is bad or if this is just how it smells.  Is yours yucky too?


Must Have Food:  Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick and Jet-Puffed Vanilla Mallow Bits -
Okay, what's not to love?  Stir the hot chocolate stick in warm milk and add some marshmallow bits. Love.

Booklet and Casetagram voucher

Bars and coupon
Special Extras:  Think Thin Bars and Casetagram gift certificate - Three thinkThin bars in various flavors were included.  I also got two coupons.  I like thinkThin bars, and I like that there were three different varieties.  The Casetagram voucher is for $15 off your order.  Casetagram allows you to customize cases for your phone or tablet, or purchase ones by designers.  Maybe . . . 

I always like the variety of things in my PopSugar boxes.  The value of the box exceeds $100.  I figure if there is one thing that I really like that covers the $35 cost, it is a win.  I'm happy!

Have you signed up for PopSugar Must Have box yet?  Have you been happy with it?  What's been your favorite item?

If you haven't signed up yet, you can use code: REFERFRIENDS for $5 off your first box!
A link:

Disclosure:  I paid for my PopSugar box myself.  I have received no compensation for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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