Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am a Winter Warrior

I started running about five years ago.  It was an easy way to exercise with two children in tow (or pushed, in reality). I ran in a couple of 5Ks, but nothing really serious.  And I always stopped once the weather became bad; the children's complaints didn't help much in that regard.

A couple of years ago, I began training for a half-marathon.  Egged on by my good friend, Erin, I made it to all of our group runs and successfully completed the half-marathon in October 2009.  But, we trained over the summer, and honestly, it was awful.  If it hadn't been for my commitment to Erin, I would never had made it.  The humidity, the heat, the HEAT  . . . Yuck!

After the half-marathon, I decided to keep running and train for another.  Thus, I began running in the winter.  And, I loved it.  Crazy, huh?!  I loved being all bundled up and getting warm as I ran.  I loved having something to look forward to on those dreary Columbus winter days.  I loved the fact that I didn't sweat, or at least, didn't feel so awful sweating.

Now, there are a lot of downfalls to winter running.  Slushy, slick spots, the fear of falling, and the fact that the snow is always coming at you, despite the various directions you may turn are all no fun.  But I will take it any day over laboring to breathe in 90% humidity.  It also helps a little with the winter weight gain that we all struggle with over the holidays.

Someone in my running group shared this funny video that explains just how crazy we all are:

Honestly Sam, I don't envy your beautiful, warm, San Diego days!

It's 12 degrees and snowing . . . I'm off to run.

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