Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Adventures in feeding, parenting and generally managing a household of five boys

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's for Dinner - Week of 1/24/11

We had an early wake-up call this morning from Aidan.  It seems the stomach flu that has been making the rounds has officially paid a visit to our house.  Yuck!  Despite usually being very good, Aidan was unable to quite make it to the toilet.  He somehow managed to cover EVERY surface in his bathroom, with the exception of the ceiling.  Truly amazing!  I guess he thought that the bathroom needed a deep cleaning, because it got one at 5am today.

Now that I've got your appetites up . . .here's what's for dinner at our house!

Monday:  Baked Artichoke Pasta, roasted carrots
                 A carry-over from last week.  It is supposed to taste like the hot artichoke dip that used to be sooo popular in the past.  I hate cooked carrots, but love when they are roasted.  So sweet!  My new favorite way to cook all veggies.

Tuesday:  Pizza, salad
                 I have a mystery shop assignment which means free pizza!  Bonus!

Wednesday:  Cobb salad, oranges, bread
                 Also a carry-over from last week.  A good meal for tonight, as Mark and I have to run 6 miles this evening.  At least dinner is supposed to be cold!

Thursday:  Pastitsio, salad
                 This recipe was in the paper this weekend.  It is from the "ThreeManyCooks" blog.  Looks wonderful.  Essentially it is a Greek variation on lasagna.  I love lasagna!

Friday:  Leftovers
                 I think the Pastitsio will be calling my name.  I'm sure it is even better the next day.

Saturday:  Spaghetti Dinner
                 Our Church is having a spaghetti dinner.  Darn, no cooking!

Sunday:  Rowan's 6th Birthday!!
                 Check out this menu (chosen by the birthday boy himself, of course):  Raising Cain's chicken fingers, artichokes, french fries and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I had to step in and suggest the restaurant chicken fingers . . .he was making noise about fast food nuggets (ew!). 

It is such NOT good timing to have a birthday three days before I have to put a bathing suit on.  Moderation, right?

Here is a picture of the recovering sicky-poo, complete with waste basket next to the bed!  At least we both got naps today!

Have a good week!


I am participating in Menu Plan Monday over at!

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